Consulting Rosarians Contact List

ARS Consulting & Master Rosarians

Master Rosarian, Sam Cunningham (emeritus) - 850-539-8314

Consulting Rosarian, Bill Dority - 850-907-0172

"I’m always available to share my thoughts and ideas on growing roses. As a Master Gardener and Master Consulting Rosarian I’m always available to serve you." - Bill

Master Rosarian, Montaine Herring - 229-872-3316

Master Rosarian, Hank Rosen

"Besides spending many hours in my garden working for the perfect rose to exhibit I really enjoy making presentations to interested groups and helping individuals one-on-one to learn to grow beautiful roses." - Hank

Consulting Rosarian, Robert Schelhorn (Past President)

"I have been a Consulting Rosarian since 2007. I have counseled countless potential and current rosarians. Plus I have installed numerous local rose gardens – many for people I met while working in the restaurant industry. I enjoy helping people grow roses." - Robert

Master Rosarian, Mary Maud Sharpe - 850-878-9625

"It is truly a joy to be able to help others with growing better roses and that is why I have been an ARS Consulting Rosarian and plan to continue the program. It is wonderful to grow good roses, but it is even greater to help others to grow roses that they can also enjoy. Sharing the knowledge of rose culture is a rewarding experience. Give it a try. You will love it too!" - Mary Maud

Master Rosarian, Rick Thomas - 229-226-8310

Consulting Rosarian, Martha Jean Woodward - 850-627-7371


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