Officer's List

President, Marion Nimis

"I loved the roses my father and grandfather grew during my childhood in England. I seriously caught the rose bug twelve years ago when I moved to a new home with a large blank canvas of a garden. Coincidentally, I discovered the Goodwood rose sale. I bought too many roses, of course, and made all the mistakes in the book, but I was guided by two masterful rosarians Bill Kerber and Bill Dority, and now my garden is full of old country roses."

Vice-President, Cheryl Gibbons

"Growing roses is a hobby that is always interesting. Each rose has it's own beauty and personality. Watching a tiny bud open to display it's magnificence is one of nature's finest gifts. And, growing beautiful roses can be done by anyone. Just follow some basic rules, select the proper roses for this area, feed, water, nourish, and enjoy them. Joining an organization like TARS brings new friends, helpful programs, connection with rose shows and happenings, and a helping hand when one is needed. Start with one rose or several, or even grow a miniature in a pot on your patio. You will be well rewarded."

Secretary, Karen Jackson

Treasurer Mary Maud Sharpe

Board Member, Marty Quinn

Board Member, John Sullivan

"Old garden roses (OGR) are my real interest since I don't have to use chemicals for pest and disease control. I do enjoy hybrid teas but the plants usually fade away from neglect. I propagated my first OGR 50 years ago from a rose that survived the bombardment of Vicksburg, MS during the War of Northern Aggression, aka Civil War. I enjoy taking cut flowers to folks and a bunch doesn't seem complete without a rose."

Director (Past President), Pat Stanford - 850-519-3745

“My roses give me (and others I share with) beauty with a nice aroma. Gardening has great health benefits too! Call or e-mail me with your rose questions. One thing I've learned is I'm not done learning yet, so if I don't know the answer, we can learn together!”

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