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Below you will find links to Web Sites we feel are great resources for Rose information, cultivation, and history. Please do yourself a favor by checking these websites out:

Horticulture - Los Angeles Tinseltown Rose Society - Excellent Articles on Easy to grow roses, Watering, Pruning, Exhibiting (including novice), Summer months in the rose garden and personal stories.
Southland Rose News - SYNDICATED NEWSLETTER of
Los Angeles Rose Society
San Fernando Valley Rose Society
Tinseltown Rose Society
This newsletter is available online with a $20.- membership. Excellent content that can be downloaded.

Horticulture - Morrison Gardens - Morrison Gardens is perhaps best known for the more than 110 cultivars of Heritage, Antique and Old Roses, consisting of over 275 plants lovingly collected, identified, preserved and cared for by the Morrisons. Their collection consists primarily of Old Garden Roses, but does include selected roses introduced after 1900 that display strong "Species" traits.

Insect information - Baldo's Bug and Roses - Why we try not to spray unless we absolutely have to, The good bugs. Welcome to Baldo Villegas' Bugs and Roses Home Page. The reason for the name is because of my interests and expertise in entomology (bugs) and in roses. Consequently, I plan for this website to be the most complete resource for pest, diseases, weeds, and problems encountered in growing roses. If you expect to see beautiful roses here, forget it. You better go to Fantasyland or to another website. Every rose illustrated in this website will have a problem. In some cases there is no solution but in most cases I will try to come up with the culprit that could have caused the problem and hopefully help you avoid the problem in the future. Please look around and see if you can diagnose your rose problems with the help of this website. If you don't find what you are looking for, please send me a message at and I most likely have that information tucked away somewhere in my files.

Organic Gardening - Good Earth R. O. S. E. Care - Responsible, Organic, Simple, Earth-Friendly horticulture.
Read Kicking the Chemicals
1) Organic rose care is a lot less work than chemical care
2) Organically grown roses are healthier, bigger, and stronger, and they have larger blooms and a longer blooming period
3) Organic gardening is better for human and animal health
4) Organic gardening is better for the environment

Organization - Help Me Find - Roses - By visiting the Help Me Find Roses website, one can view detailed lists of over 28,000 heritage and modern roses and over 42,000 photos of roses. But that's not all. You should check out the entire site, including an extensive worldwide database of:

- Detailed information of botanical and horticultural characteristics of
- Updates on found and mystery roses
- Rose Photos
- Participation in rating of roses
- Information on buying, breeding, caring for and exhibiting roses
- Listings of thousands of rose nurseries
- Listings of public and private gardens with their contents
- Listings of rose societies
- Listings of hybridizers
- Listings of rose authors
- Listings of rose-related publications
- An ezine with articles by noted rose writers

Organization - Heritage Rose Foundation - Heritage roses are roses that originated in the mid 19th century or earlier. Emmy and Bill ("Rose and Bud") are members of The Heritage Roses Group and charter members of the Heritage Rose Foundation. "The purpose of the Heritage Rose Foundation is to collect, preserve and promote the culture of roses, particularly those that are not known to be available for purchase".

Organization - Pacific Southwest District

Organization - The All-America Rose Selections (AARS) - The All-America Rose Selections is a non-profit association of rose growers hybridizers. They conduct rigorous testing of roses and identify the 'winners' annually.

Organization - The Rose Hybridizers Association (RHA) - The Rose Hybridizers Association is an organization of about 200 members in over 20 countries. RHA members have introduced more than 500 new roses to the commercial market and in 1996, one of our members was awarded the coveted All-American Rose Selection for his rose, St. Patrick. The primary purpose of RHA is to make hybridizing information available to members and to provide materials and services which will aid them in their work.

Organization - World Federation of Rose Societies - An association made up of the national Rose Societies of 36 countries with information about the Rose around the world.

Source - Heirloom Roses - An excellent source of all varieties of roses, some hard to find elsewhere.

Water - Be Water Wise - Water saving Tips and information.

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