Climbing and Rambling Roses

For those of you who were unable to attend the March 18, 2010 TARS meeting you missed a great presentation and discussion on climbing roses. Below is the handout information that Tracy Harrington used in his presentation.

Website: A specialty site on climbers with a comprehensive
review of types. The site is affiliated with Heirloom Roses. Like other
Heirloom products, the varieties promoted here are all on their own roots.

Quest-Ritson, Charles. Climbing Roses of the World. Timber Press, 2003. The first book in 40 years to address climbing and rambling roses
comprehensively and globally. It deals with classification of all climbers
and ramblers and includes fascinating notes on the breeders instrumental in development of these roses.

These are the Climbing/Rambling roses Tracy & Judy grow at their home near Bainbridge, Ga..

# = how many bushes Tracy & Judy grow.
® = Rambler
Y = Yellow, P = Pink, W = White, R = Red

1. Buff Beauty
Cramoisi Superieur CL
Don Juan -- 2
Dorothy Perkins (R) -- 5
Eugene E. Marlitt -- 3
Fields of the Wood
Francois Juranville (R) -- 2
Graham Thomas
lavender Lassie
Man~chal Niel
Mermaid -- 2
New Dawn
Queen Elizabeth
Red Cascade
Rosa Moschata
Rosarium Uetersen -- 2
Reve d'Or
Sombreuil -- 2
Souvenir de Madame Leonie Viennot
Seven Sisters (R)
Veilchenblau (R)
Dr. W. Van Fleet (R) -- 2
Zephirine Drouhin
(R) = Ramblers
1. Golden Showers-Y
Yellow Lady Banks-Y
Marechal Niel-Y
William Baffin-P
New Dawn-P
CL Cecile Brunner-P
Zephirine Drouhin-P
CL /ceberg-W
Sally Holmes-W
16_ Don Juan-R


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