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How to navigate the Tallahassee Area Rose Society Website:

I’ve made it to the Tallahassee Area Rose Society Website, how do I navigate it? Take a look at the navigation menu on our site:

This is the main hub of the site; consider it your road map to all things TARS (Tallahassee Area Rose Society). Scroll over the navigation menu headings to see if a drop-down menu appears. If a drop-down menu does not appear; click that headings text. If you scroll over the navigation menu headers and a drop-down menu appears scroll down over those drop-down headings. Click any heading to go to that headings page contents. The “Home” navigation menu header will take you back to the TARS home page (You can also click the banner above the navigation menu to head back to the TARS home page).

Feel free to explore the site, we have slideshows chalk full of rose images, pages with tips/information from local experts, and a form where you can submit your questions to us. If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Did you know you can leave your comments on some of TARS web pages?

If you click the title of any of the pages you navigate to on TARS there may or may not be the option to comment on the content. Once you click the title of the page content you have navigated to scroll down to the bottom of the page and see if there is a comments option. If not that pages content is not available for user comments. If there is a comment option you have several options available to you when leaving a comment: Click the drop-down menu and click “Anonymous User”, you can then type in your name, comments and then click submit. If you have a Gmail account you can login in to that account, refresh your TARS page and you are able to leave comments, just type in your comments and click submit.

If you have any issues leaving comments please contact us.


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