My Favorite Rose - August 2010

My Favorite Rose — Medallion By Marilyn Watson (Medallion — A Hybrid Tea Photo by Marilyn Watson)

The Medallion, an apricot rose, captures my heart and senses. The large soft bloom opens in a cool blend of apricot, soft yellow and a touch of rich gold highlight. The strong, pleasant fragrance warms your heart and takes your mind to a place of untarnished peace. Before opening, the bud is between 2 and 2 1/2 inches in height. The buds don’t form and open quickly, so there is plenty of time for anticipation like unto that of getting through dinner so you can dive into the dessert. Once fully open the blooms will be 4 to 5 inches in diameter.

The Medallion is a hearty bush with large dark green foliage and thick stems. Its’ habit is somewhat like Michael Jordan—tall and reaching outward once it has obtained some height. (I sometimes wonder if the bush grows taller each year because it gets tired of my staring at it. Yes, this means the bush is a good 5 1/2 feet tall. I am also beginning to think that the bushes “talk” to each other as I have three other bushes who have decided to exceed the five foot mark! Who knows what really goes on, but it makes for a good laugh.) Though this rose needs some cane sup-port now and then, the beautiful blooms make up for the inconvenience. The blooms also last longer than the majority of hybrid teas and when floated in a snifter, you can enjoy the bloom for two weeks.

Many roses have either a solid unchanging color or the color varies widely from bloom to bloom. The Medallion, is one of those with a consistent blend of color, but allowing a soft unique variance between the blooms. Like a fine scenic painting, an arrangement of Medallion, blooms creates a breathtaking flow of soft color. There are many beautiful roses that I adore, but none has taken the Medallion off of my ultimate favorite position, since I first encountered it in 1998.


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