Tallahassee Roses Johnny Apple Seed Campaign

In preparation for next year`s “Tallahassee Roses Johnny Apple Seed Campaign”, I invite individual and project requests so that I might compile our program to provide low maintenance roses for early March planting. So far I have the Garden Group at Ft Bradenton signed up, plus one Rosarian/Master Gardener.

In the 3rd week of April I was able to finally dispense the last of the 145 Garden Roses I provided {gratis} to fellow Rosarians/Master Gardeners and two major projects this year: the new rose bed at Holy Comforter Episcopal School (14 roses); and the Garden Club group project "Healing Garden" at the TMH Cancer Center (42 roses).

Over the past 6 years I have been able to provide more than 500 bushes (gratis) to the gardens at the Extension Offices in Tallahassee, Marianna and Perry; to Master Gardeners; to FSU and FAMU; and Maclay Gardens just to name a few.

For those of you new to the initiative; the “Tallahassee Roses Johnny Apple Seed Campaign” aspires to spread the word on the value of Garden Roses as viable plants in the flower garden. They are acclimated to this area and are very low maintenance since they require no spraying; just sunshine, water, mulch and a couple applications of fertilizer during the year. Deadheading and trimming sponsor new and continuous blossoming.

The reward(s) for me and those who participate are that once planted these roses become a hardy/continuous part of the landscape, ever contributing to the beauty of the scene and neighborhood. Anyone wanting to get their hands dirty can come and join me in this endeavor.

- Bill Dority, TARS President


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