Consulting Rosarian School

Mark your calendars now for the DSD/CR school to be held here in Tallahassee on Saturday, June 22 at Jubilee Cottage, Goodwood Museum and Gardens. This is your chance to become an ARS Consulting Rosarian or update if you are already a CR. It begins at 9:00 am and lunch will be served. The program is four hours. There is no charge unless you decide to take the test. There is a $10.00 fee to ARS for the test. The test is open book. You may attend just for information if you like. The Pensacola and Thomasville Rose Societies will be co-host with TARS. We did this earlier in 2017 and it was quite successful. Please help us spread the word and tell others. There is always something new to learn and the discussions as well as the presentations are great!


A consulting rosarian is a rose-grower specially trained and certified by the American Rose Society to provide free advice on growing roses. To become an ARS/CR, a person must have grown various types of roses for at least five years, must have been a member of the American Rose Society for the last three years, must attend a CR school, and pass a written examination. The ARS needs a well-motivated and educated group of CRs if the ARS is to continue to succeed in its mission.


The Deep South District of the ARS (Alabama, Florida and Georgia) holds a consulting rosarian school at their annual mid-winter meeting.  Other schools may be held.  For more information contact Wayne Myers, DSD Chair of Consulting Rosarians, 720 Kendall Brook Lane, St Augustine, FL 32095, 904-272-7885,


You can find out more about becoming a consulting rosarian by visiting the DDS website

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