Rose Book Library

Below you will find a list of rose related books we highly recommend:

TARS Rose Book Library
Book Title Author Published
100 Old Roses for the American Garden Clair G. Martin 1999
500 Popular Roses for American Gardeners Myrah Publishing, Australia 1997
A History of the Fragrant Rose Allen Paterson 2004
A Rose by Any Name Douglas Brenner & Stephen Scanniello 2009
A Year of Roses Stephen Scanniello 2006
All About Roses (Ortho's All About Gardening) Tommy Cairns 2007
Antique Roses for the South William C. Welch 1990
Best Rose Guide: A Comprehensive Selection Roger Phillips 2004
Botanica's Roses: Over 1,000 Pages & over 2,000 Plants Listed (Botanica) William A. Grant 2000
Climbing Roses Stephen Scanniello 1994
Complete Guide to Roses Ortho 2004
Foolproof Guide to Growing Roses Roebuck Field 2001
For the Love of Roses in Florida and Elsewhere Barbara Oehlbeck 2000
In Search of Lost Roses Thomas Christopher 1989
Jackson & Perkins Beautiful Roses Made Easy: Midwestern Edition Teri Dunn 2004
Jackson & Perkins Rose Companions: Growing Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs, Shrubs and Vines with Roses Stephen Scanniello 2005
Old-fashioned and David Austin Roses Barbara Lea Taylor 2004
R is for Rose Carolyn Parker 2005
Roses a Colour Guide Amanda Beales 2007
Roses for Dummies, 2nd Edition Lance Walheim 2000
Showing good roses: A complete exhibitor's guide Robert B Martin 2001
Shrubs and Vines with Roses Stephen Scanniello 2005
Taylor's Guide to Roses Norman Taylor 1961
The English Roses David Austin 2007
The Old Rose Adventurer Brent C. Dickerson 1999
The Organic Rose Garden Liz Druitt 1996
The Rose Bible Rayford Clayton Reddell 1998
The Roses: The Complete Plates (Taschen 25th Anniversary) Pierre Joseph Redoute 2007
The Ultimate Rose Book (Including Miniature, and Wild-All Shown in Color and Selected for Their Beauty, Fragrance, and…) Stirling Macoboy 1993
Ultimate Roses ARS Editors: Beth Smiley, Ray Rogers 2000
Visions of Roses Peter Beales 1996

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