ARS Consulting & Master Rosarians

A CR is a rose-grower specially trained and certified by the American Rose Society to provide free advice on growing roses. Feel free to contact any of the consulting rosarians listed below.

Montaine Herring

Master Rosarian


Hank Rosen

Master Rosarian


"Besides spending many hours in my garden working for the perfect rose to exhibit I really enjoy making presentations to interested groups and helping individuals one-on-one to learn to grow beautiful roses." - Hank

Seymour Rosen

Consulting Rosarian

Robert Schelhorn

Master Rosarian


"I have been a Consulting Rosarian since 2007. I have counseled countless potential and current rosarians. Plus I have installed numerous local rose gardens – many for people I met while working in the restaurant industry. I enjoy helping people grow roses." - Robert

Mary Maud Sharpe

Master Rosarian


"It is truly a joy to be able to help others with growing better roses and that is why I have been an ARS Consulting Rosarian and plan to continue the program. It is wonderful to grow good roses, but it is even greater to help others to grow roses that they can also enjoy. Sharing the knowledge of rose culture is a rewarding experience. Give it a try. You will love it too!" - Mary Maud

John Sullivan

Consulting Rosarian


I started propagating roses 55 years ago and still enjoy watching the young plants catch hold and grow.  Roses are definitely my favorite flower/plant but I like to grow many flowering annuals, perennials, bulbs and shrubs.  I enjoy cut roses mixed with other flowers and fill background plants.  There is still a lot I can learn but I'm happy to share what has worked for my garden.  

Martha Jean Woodward

Consulting Rosarian


Cheryl Gibbons

Consulting Rosarian


It is a real honor to join the ranks of practicing Rosarians here in Tallahassee.  I am the newest "kid" on the block, circa 2019, but am willing to help you in anyway that I can.  That includes reference books, assisting in helping to get you ready to exhibit your roses in our annual show, and information about growing healthy roses via natural means. 

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