Rose Care References

Below you will find reprints of useful articles about rose care.


Fertilizing the Rose Gardens at FSC
By Malcolm Manners. Cherokee Rose March, 2010 .
Fertilizing the Rose Gardens at FSC.pdf
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Pest Management

Jim Smalls Recommended Spray Formulations
By Jim Small. Extracted from 4-24-2010 Central Florida Rose Society, Wind Chimes Newsletter, Volume 25, #4. Editor, Elaine Pawlikowski.
Jim Smalls recommended Spray Formulation[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [531.5 KB]
When Good Bugs Attack
By Ryan Tilley, CR. Extracted from Greater Atlanta Rose Society's The Phoenix newsletter. Editor Bobbie Reed.
When Good Bugs Attack.pdf
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Pruning Roses
By Dr. Tommy Cairns. Article from Volume 1, 2009, Los Angeles Rose Society.
Pruning Roses.pdf
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Pruning Your Roses “When in Doubt Cut It Out”
By Sam Jones. Used from The Phoenix, February 2010, Greater Atlanta Rose Society. Editor, Bobbie
Reed, Master Rosarian, with permission.
Pruning Your Roses.pdf
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Clip Art in the Rose Garden
By Linda Krontz Schuppener, C.R. Extracted from February 2010 South Metro Rose Society newsletter.
Clip Art in the Rose Garden.pdf
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Rootstock Options
By Carol Green. A discussion of three rootstock options.
RootStock Options.pdf
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Spring Schedule

Vasta’s Work Plan
By Vasta Yarbrough, CR. The Bulletin of the Deep South District, 1999.
Vasta's Work Plan.pdf
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Summer Weather

Helping Our Roses Make it Through the Long, Hot Summer
By John and Jean Grotgen, Consulting Rosarians. Extracted from 6-2-2010 South Metro Rose Society Gardener. Volume 9, Issue 6, Editor Cindy Dale.
Long Hot Summer.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [857.1 KB]

Organic Material

How Early Should I Apply Organic Materials To My Rose Beds?
By Paul Blankenship. Used from The Phoenix, March 2010, How Early Should I Apply Organic Materials. Editor Bobbie Reed, with permission.
How Early Should Apply Organic Materials[...]
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