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Janet Newburgh


I have enjoyed gardening since I was 9 years old. Some of my fondest early memories were watching my grandmother start rose cuttings under glass jars, and the huge, beautiful red roses that my mother grew. In addition to the Tallahassee Area Rose Society, I am an active volunteer in Leon County’s Master Gardener Program. I am especially interested in yellow roses of all types, but I also grow a wide variety of other roses, including miniatures and old garden roses.

Cheryl Gifford


I grew up watching my mother grow roses, and I have always had a few roses, no matter where we lived.  When we moved to Tallahassee in 2017, old garden roses became an obsession!

Amy Beaven


My love of roses began as a teen when my parents put in a garden of hybrid teas. I always had a big rose bloom on my nightstand in the summer months. It's part of what led me to pursue a BS in Agriculture and enjoy the science of plants. As a fairly new member of TARS, I can say I'm so happy to have joined this group of rose growers. I look forward to learning insider news and tips; and sharing a love of roses every month.

Gerard Nimis


I’m a long-suffering spouse of a rose aficionado.

Jan Godfrey

Board Member

All roses are beautiful to me. So many different shapes, colors and delightful fragrances. Of all the types, Old Garden Roses are my passion.

Marion Nimis

Board Member

I've been a TARS member for many years and  was president from 2014-2016. I've loved roses since I was young living in London England, watching my father pruning and fussing over his roses. I began buying old country roses from the sale at Goodwood 20 years ago and now it's rather out of hand.

Nicole Balanoff

Board Member

I love all types of flowers, especially roses and joined the Tallahassee Area Rose Society (TARS) to learn as much as possible about growing. My garden has many different varieties of roses (although not nearly as many as most TARS members) and I love having an abundance of cut flowers to bring in my home. Gardening is my passion project and I'm happy to have found like-minded people in TARS.

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